happy three friends

By me13me14

mars 5, 2009

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Happy three friends is a television serie ban for peoples who are minus of 10 years old because this is extremely violent and gore.This is a cartoon who tells adventures of strange animals who kills kimself them.


9 Responses to “happy three friends”

  1. It’s godd. But it’s so gore and impressionated about 10 years old’s peopole can look this.

  2. Cool, We like the « Happy Three Friends » but this is a little violent ! But too funny !

    LOL, ^^

    Bye !

  3. i like so much this littel movie it’s very funny i trouve you pix funny

  4. i like happy three friends it’s good

  5. LOL, your picture but =S
    I Liike your blog.
    Your themes are good and more.
    I love the cartoon.
    I watch every evening.

    Bye, guys !


  6. i can see « happy thee friends » one ,two ,three but it ‘s boring after

  7. Hello !

    These video is very funny ! The creators want to put this video in the cinema but they can’t because it is violent !!!

    good bye !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. It’s funny, i love the >Happy Three Friends< but this is a violent and gore!
    There is a lot of blood for my

    LOL, ^^

    Bye !

  9. i love happy tree friends!! they are so effin cool like ya!!! it is a lil graphic tho but i can live with it!!! lolz


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